Biography of Han van der Mijn

In 2009 Han van der Mijn majored in painting and free techniques at the art academy of Haarlem.
Nowadays, he works in his studio in Bloemendaal, where he also gives classes.
Van der Mijn is fundraiser of the Pure African Water foundation, that contributes to the realization of access to safe drinking water in Africa. He is also fundraiser and art director of events company La Luz Events.
Van der Mijn creates semi-figurative and semi-abstract paintings in acrylic and mixed media. His work depicts the unspeakable and the invisible. The outside usually is not what it appears to be at first glance; for that you have to dig deeper. Matter paintings fit well in his experience of perceptible surface and deeper layers: the matter automatically ensures that the viewer has to make an effort. It is also the spectator himself who determines what interpretation he wants to give to it. Although titles are an important final step in the creative process, these do not always refer to what the viewer sees. Thus we have come full circle. Preferably, answers will not be given. Van der Mijn describes the themes in his work as follows: “The visible surface and the underlying layers are a leading theme in my work. Everything is connected to it: fear of the unknown, xenophobia, hypocrisy, distrust, hidden agendas, the symbolism and the rituals, the apparent impermeability of the skin, what we believe to perceive but what in reality is not what it appears to be.”

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